The SOMM provide a comprehensive programme of post-graduate courses for physiotherapists, doctors and other MSK health professionals (e.g. osteopaths, podiatrists & chiropractors) throughout the UK and overseas.

Want to know more about our stand alone courses, diploma’s and MSc programme? We’ve explained everything here in less than 2 minutes. Enjoy!


Listen to Warren Brown (Advanced Level Physiotherapy Practitioner) tell you more about our course programme. He’s been through our Foundation and Option modules and talks openly about his experiences and the impact on his clinical skills and career.


SOMM tutors Alison Smeatham and Paul Hattam are just completing the 2nd edition of their book on clinical examination. Due out in March 2020 with new photos, updated evidence base and lots of interesting clinical context. Here is a snippet from the shoulder introduction….

The reports of low specificity around special tests at the shoulder has seen clinicians placing increasing emphasis on imaging (ultrasound, MRI and arthrography) and interventional diagnosis (diagnostic arthroscopy) which themselves are not without problems as far as reliability goes. The potential for picking up false positives/negatives with imaging and experiencing similar issues with the evidence, prohibitive costs and the problem of exposing the patient to a procedure of questionable value (if surgery is not otherwise indicated) can reduce the appeal of these interventions (Handoll, Hanchard, Lenza, & Buchbinder, 2013).

The real win is when an experienced clinician uses imaging to add definition and detail to a working hypothesis built on a careful history and skilful examination, and the expansion of ultrasound diagnostics in musculoskeletal medicine in particular, has enabled clinicians to do just that.
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The Society of Musculoskeletal Medicine

Today we at The Society of Musculoskeletal Medicine had the best view of people abseiling down the Radio City Tower, all in aid of charity. "well done everyone who took part" 👍
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