The SOMM provide a comprehensive programme of post-graduate courses for physiotherapists, doctors and other MSK health professionals (e.g. osteopaths, podiatrists & chiropractors) throughout the UK and overseas.

Want to know more about our stand alone courses, diploma’s and MSc programme? We’ve explained everything here in less than 2 minutes. Enjoy!


Listen to Warren Brown (Advanced Level Physiotherapy Practitioner) tell you more about our course programme. He’s been through our Foundation and Option modules and talks openly about his experiences and the impact on his clinical skills and career.


If you are a Doctor and want to progress your MSK knowledge (assessments, clinical reasoning, injections and treatments) then the video below⬇️ will be useful! 😃 ... See MoreSee Less

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‘’Just completed unit 2 of the Foundation course. Very valuable learning experience. As a clinician it provided really good insight and understanding of therapy methods and rationale. Along with that was good, structured revision of functional anatomy with a logical approach to he different patterns of disease/lesions commonly encountered. Highly recommended to any physician/ANP/ENP who sees a reasonable number of MSK patients’m

Thank you Ciara Cruise for this great feedback!😃
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If you are a Band 6 physio or a physio in private practice then the feedback below from someone in the same position will be an interesting watch! 😃💪 ... See MoreSee Less

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