The percentage of physiotherapists in the UK studying for an MSc qualification is increasing every year,  but what can an MSc qualification really do for you?

There are many reasons why you might choose to study for a postgraduate qualification:

  • To engage your brain again after a period of work or a career break
  • As a means to progressing your career or starting a new career path
  • As the first step towards a PhD and a full-blown career in academia
  • To give your CV an edge in the competitive world of employment.

Pathways for Progression


Once you’ve decided to continue your studies, the next question is which course?

There are a wide variety of courses to choose from covering different disciplines.

It is important that you choose a course which interests you, will offer the progression you require and that fits into your lifestyle.

Academic Stress

At SOMM we offer an MSc in Musculoskeletal Medicine, a pathway which has the following benefits:

1 Flexibility – our MSc is in a modular format, which is highly flexible in terms of time and cost, especially if you are a busy clinician and parent as it means your commitment to obtain an MSc can be spread over time

2 Variety of Modules – SOMM provides various modules to suit your own clinical interest and learning needs. They are all highly clinically relevant, which enables you to link theory to practice.

3 Flexible Payment Scheme – the fees for your MSc can be paid in full or via instalment if you wish to spread the payment. The SOMM Research Committee also provides research grants to support the MSc research project.

4 Support Network– you will be allocated an academic and clinical supervisor, to support and guide you through your MSc journey! 

   5 Qualified Experience – many of our teaching tutors obtained their MSc with SOMM and most currently work in private practice so offer a wealth of practical experience.


“The SOMM MSc is probably the best course I have done in my professional career.  It has inspired me to go on to do a doctorate and further research.”

Alex Daulat, Physiotherapy Extended Scope Practitioner

“The SOMM MSc is a fantastic way to consolidate the learning from all SOMM modules, and with the aid of highly skilled tutors, develop research into areas that can positively affect your own and others future practice”.

Rikesh Arithoppah, Physiotherapist

An MSc could be the gateway to accelerating your existing career or opening up new opportunities both in the UK and overseas.

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