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Top-Up Day


Course length: 1 day

Cost £150.00

Delivery method: Via Zoom

Course Outline: This is a one-day ‘top-up’ course, specifically designed for those who have successfully completed the SOMM Diploma in Musculoskeletal Medicine (previously SOMM Diploma in Orthopaedic Medicine), and who wish to present evidence, alongside e-learning certificates, of completion of the stage 1 level 7 ‘taught route’ requirement of the FCP MSK roadmap (HEE,2020). This is particularly useful and relevant for those delegates applying for/ currently in a role that involves first contact practice in primary care.

SOMM has cross referenced each element of the Diploma course to the requirements of the stage 1 FCP MSK roadmap. During this exercise, we have identified some additional domains, and produced this exciting one day top-up course for our Diploma graduates.  

Learning Outcomes:

On completion of this top up day delegates will be able:

  1. To supplement the core capabilities of the role of FCP, and be able to deliver safe and high-quality primary care.
  2. To understand the knowledge, core skills, competencies, and attributes for the role of FCP, which requires critical thinking, complex clinical reasoning skills and critical reflection skills.
  3. To develop their abilities in assessment and management of patients, including onward referrals, risk management and the context of wider health determinants.
  4. To develop their clinical reasoning to plan, implement and critically evaluate a stepped approach to management, including a range of therapeutic interventions and health promotions.

Course Content: (link to the comprehensive syllabus document)

The course will cover a range of topics including:

  1. Communication and consultation skills
  2. Impact of lifestyle factors on MSK health
  3. Co-Morbidities and Health promotion
  4. Clinical masqueraders and differential diagnosis
  5. Social Prescribing and its potential implications for MSK
  6. Pain – explaining pain and biopsychosocial assessment
  7. Onward referral – surgical referral: when and why?
  8. MSK radiology – when and why?
  9. Pharmacotherapy
  10. Outcome measures – benefits and limitations of assessment tools

Format: A mixture of pre-course reading, taught lectures, a variety of interactive activities such as quizzes, case-based discussions, small group discussions, patient stories, and  submission of a reflective log assessed at QAA (2014) 1 MSc level 7 following the course.

Assessment: On completion of the one day course, delegates will be required to submit a reflective log (up to 400 words) to critically evaluate how one of the following themes has impacted on their practice, and to demonstrate a high level of clinical reasoning and critical thinking.

The HEE FCP/AP portfolio reflection template will be used. Delegates can choose one of the following 4 themes:

  • Communication and consultation skills
  • Impact of lifestyle factors on MSK health
  • Co-Morbidities and Health promotion
  • Pain and biopsychosocial assessment

The reflective log should be submitted within 4 weeks following completion of the top-up day. It will be assessed by SOMM tutors (pass/fail). Result will be available within 2 weeks following submission. Should delegates successfully pass their reflective log, course certificates will be issued.

Course material: Delegates will be provided with pre-course reading material, and access to the course handout. Evidence of cross referencing of each element of the Diploma course to the requirements of the stage 1 FCP MSK roadmap will be available for delegates and also available on the FCP MSK roadmap designated area of the HEE website.

SOMM Top Up Day Entry requirement

SOMM Module Coordinator Emily Goodlad explains the difference between SOMM’s Membership exam and the SOMM Diploma in Musculoskeletal Medicine and outlines what you need to be able to step onto the Top Up Day to be able to achieve Stage 1 of the FCP MSK Roadmap

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Top Up Day Application Form

Guidelines for the Portfolio Reflective Essay and Personal Development Plan

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