About Gianpiero

Gianpiero works in private practices both in Milano and Lugano in Switzerland. He is a Senior Lecturer for the Physiotherapy Bachelor in Lugano Switzerland for SUPSI, and Head of continuing educations rehabilitation programs in SUPSI Lugano, Switzerland.

Gianpiero specialises in MSK rehabilitation, chronic pain, low back pain with neuropathic pain, and shoulder instability.

My journey stared with SOMM 1999, and I am one of the fellows since 2008. It still represents one of the most important CPD courses in my biography.

I spent 15 years on the road with my rock band, when I stopped spending my nights on stage and on the road I started the second part of my life, SOMM is a big part of it.

  • SOMM Membership¬†Course
  • Chronic pain
  • Touring with a rock band!

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