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The Society of Musculoskeletal Medicine has announced its partnership with Queen Margaret University (QMU), Edinburgh for its new MSc Programme beginning September 2018.

The Masters in Musculoskeletal Medicine will be led by joint Programme Leaders, Emily Goodlad and Jill Kerr, and will offer a flexible part-time, clinically orientated programme.

This MSc will interest Physiotherapists and Medical Practitioners who wish to extend their personal and professional skills to improve treatment outcomes in the management of musculoskeletal disorders. The flexibility of the overall pathway supports continuing professional development of practitioners at all stages of their development in musculoskeletal practice.Emily Goodlad

Core Modules

The core modules (research methods module and the dissertation module) will be delivered via online and distance learning. This allows more flexibility for clinicians to incorporate study into their busy lifestyles.

Optional Modules

In addition to the core modules, there is a choice of four optional modules, of which two need to be completed and passed. These allow the clinician to tailor to their professional development plans and their own particular needs, for example, the theory and practice of injection therapy module.

As a student on this MSc, the core modules will enable you to gain a grounding in research methods and to develop and apply the skills of research and inquiry to produce original work to contribute to your profession’. Jill Kerr

The Programme Leaders

Emily Goodlad is a Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist working in both NHS Scotland and Private Practice. She has special interests in knees, shoulders, tendinopathy and clinical reasoning. She is the co-author of the SOMM textbook, A Practical Approach to Musculoskeletal Medicine. Emily is a Module Coordinator for the Foundation Module and a tutor of the Advancing Practice Module.

Jill Kerr is a Private Musculoskeletal Specialist Physiotherapist who runs a multi therapy clinic in Edinburgh, working with a multi disciplinary team. She is the co-author of the SOMM textbook. Jill is a Module Coordinator for the Foundation Modules and the Advanced Modules; Special Tests in Musculoskeletal Examination and Advancing Practice Modules.

Who will Benefit?

SOMM provides the opportunity for experienced physiotherapists and medical practitioners to develop clinical research and other relevant skills to extend their qualification in musculoskeletal medicine. You will have the opportunity to explore injection therapy, advancing practice in musculoskeletal medicine, special tests, research methods and project development.

The programme enables both medical practitioners and physiotherapists to develop mastery in the application and integration of musculoskeletal medicine into their clinical practice and to enhance the level of patient care, particularly in the field of musculoskeletal medicine and therapy.

How to apply

For further details on entry requirements, the application process and the closing date for this year’s application, please contact Christine Williams at The Society of Musculoskeletal Medicine, on

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