The Society of Musculoskeletal Medicine (SOMM) - formerly the Society of Orthopaedic Medicine - is an educational charity that was formed in 1979 to develop the seminal work of Dr James Cyriax MRCP and to promote the theory and practice of musculoskeletal medicine. 

The SOMM provide a comprehensive programme of post-graduate courses for physiotherapists and doctors that run primarily throughout the UK but invitations further afield are always considered and courses in Europe and South East Asia have recently been delivered. The Society has a committed team of tutors who have many years of experience practicing musculoskeletal medicine in many different arenas – NHS, sport, private practice and the armed forces. This brings diversity and interest to the courses and ensures a stimulating and varied learning experience.


Membership of the SOMM consists of approximately 1000 doctors and physiotherapists who share an interest in the subject. More details of member benefits can be found here. (link to member benefits). The Society is governed by a Board of Trustees and has an active Education Committee which organises the course programme, monitors quality and oversees the whole educational pathway. 

A Conference is organised annually, enabling current and past students to maintain contact and an academic journal, ‘International Musculoskeletal Medicine’, is published four times a year in conjunction with other musculoskeletal medicine groups. 

Dr Cyriax’s wife Patsy was Patron until her death early in 2015.